Happy super women’s day (English)

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I’m a God’s daughter, What’s your super power?

Today is the international women’s day and, surfing different social networks, I have seen how feminism has deformed how valuable and beautiful it is to be a woman. They have damaged our identity as women and have despised the innumerable qualities that God has given us through true femininity. Feminism is the opposite of femininity. We were designed different to men and they want to make us equal to them, and we are not. Feminism wants us to be independent when it comes to making our decisions, but neither women nor men can live independently of God.

Don’t be fooled, God is the one who makes us super women, without God, we are fearful women, selfish wives and whiny moms. It’s not because what we can or can’t do but because what He makes of us: His daughters.

With God, we become brave women, loving wives and grateful moms. What’s your super power?

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Happy super women’s day (Español)



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